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December 2021

Relo 2021

Posted on by AE0BQ

It was summer of 2021 and the local real estate market was on fire. The market value of my house had rocketed into the stratosphere over the previous 9 months. I’m getting close to early retirement age, so I decided to cash out and relocate. I bought a used 5th wheel RV, sold my house, and purchased a small cottage in a low-density area in north Florida.

Before: $1550/month, and $2200 annual taxes.
After: $0/month and $500 annual taxes.

[Update: as of August 2022, estimated annual taxes on the old house were $3001. ]

The pack and move process was pretty smooth, I shipped my car, transferred most of my belongings using an 8x8x16 ft container from 1-800 Pack Rat, and hauled my 5th wheel trailer 1800 miles with my pickup.

The house came with a brand new 12×24 metal shed, plus I bought a 40 ft steel shipping container. I think I will set up my ham shack in the metal shed. I checked this site to determine max height without having to register with the FAA. It’s quite close to a small airport, so unfortunately I am limited to about 50 ft overall. Previously I was using a 35′ tower with a J-pole on top and a G5RV with a tuner. The G5RV never worked very well for me, so I will probably put up something like a Diamond CP6AR on a separate tower. There are numerous trees around 50-60 ft tall, and the property is 330 x 250 ft, so I might try stringing a long wire.